Chicago Trip

On the first week of June, I took a weekend trip to Chicago for my birthday.  The weather was amazingly good for the first day, and then, cloudy for the day after (I’m told that’s the general Chicago weather).


I visited a pretty extensive portion of Chicago, walking countless miles for 2 days.  It was fascinating to take in all of the architecture, water, and beach (?!?!).  I think I would definitely like to go back sometime to explore more of it, since I was only there for 2 days.

The traveling itself was pretty horrible though.  First, we missed our flight to Chicago, so we had to rebook and get on a flight 2 hours later (that’s what happens when we try to book a 7AM flight!).  And on coming back, we had a 5 hour delay at the airport because of thunderstorms in New York City… And then turns out it barely rained for 20 minutes here! Wow. We were supposed to get back mid-day, but didn’t end up getting home until 11PM…


All in all though, lots of fun and cool places to visit, and yummy food to eat.  I loved how historic the Chinatown was!

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